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Principal's Message

Don Wilkins
Principal, Propel Andrew Street High School

As Principal of Propel Andrew Street High School, I cultivate a safe, loving, engaging environment where all members are accountable for learning. 

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Fall Conferences

Scholar-led conferences are from noon - 7 p.m. on Monday, November 21, and from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Tuesday, November 22. 

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Propel Andrew Street High School Expansion

The Propel Andrew Street High School expansion provides additional resources for our scholars and will impact scholar success by creating a unique learning environment. 

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We Are Propel Schools

Propel Schools, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a not-for-profit federation of charter schools dedicated to catalyzing the transformation of public education so that all children have access to high-performing public schools.

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Mission & Philosophy

Propel Andrew Street High School continues to build on its mission to educate ALL scholars at high levels. We do this by providing equitable access to learning opportunities.

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Propel Andrew Street High School, located in Munhall, PA, offers a small learning community averaging 50 scholars at each grade level and innovativeproject-based programming. Propel Andrew Street continues to build on its mission to educate ALL scholars at high levels.


We continue to make history while building the future. We apprentice young people into experiences that teach them how to think and act on their behalf. Scholars develop and hone literacy, creativity, and reasoning to solve real-world problems. 


Initiated by scholars in 2009, the Andrews Street beekeeping program is one of the country's few high school programs. Scholars become beekeepers—tending to the hives, harvesting honey, making other hive-based products, and completing a wide range of bee-related projects and research.

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